Chlorine Damage To Hair

Ah, summer! chlorine damage to hair. The siren song of sunny skies and shimmering pools is calling, and who are you to resist? But before diving headfirst into that turquoise temptation, let’s chit-chat about your precious strands. Enter chlorine—that necessary pool evil keeps the green goo at bay yet sneakily plotting against your lovely locks. Chlorine’s like the clingy friend that means well but leaves your hair drier than a stand-up comedian’s wit.

Why worry, you ask? Well, if you fancy the scarecrow look, then by all means, frolic carefree! But for those who’d rather not have their hair staging a crunchy rebellion, it’s time to peel back the layers of chlorine’s misdeeds. It’s not just about the faded color or the texture reminiscent of last week’s pasta – it’s a full-blown hair horror show. So, slap on your sunnies and prepare yourselves – we’re going to outwit, outplay, and outlast chlorinated waters. Ready, set, soak up the knowledge!

The Science Behind Chlorine Damage

Oh, how we adore frolicking in the pool in all its chlorine-infused glory—right until our beautiful mane starts mimicking a broom’s texture. Now, that’s not a part of anyone’s summer dream. Ladies and gentlemen, the culprit behind your “hair-raising” concerns is that seemingly innocent water sanitizer—chlorine!

Dunking your head in chlorinated water is like entering a war zone unarmed. Your hair’s protective cuticle layer is like a knight in shining armor. But when chlorine gets all cozy with these cuticles, it results in what I call ‘chemical chaos.’ Chlorine swindles the natural oils, leaving your hair high and dry. And just like an overzealous aunt who believes more chaos equals more fun, chlorine increases the hair’s negative charge, causing frizziness.

chlorine damage to hair

Oh, and if you’ve colored your hair recently, have a seat; you might need it after this revelation. Chlorine isn’t just satisfied with ruining your vibe; it also has a vendetta against your salon expenses! It penetrates dyed hair, resulting in color fade. Yes, you read it right. You might end up donning the Aquaman look on your beach vacation, and not in an incredible way.

The moral of the story? Chlorine is that uninvited party guest that leaves a trail of havoc in its wake, in this case, on your precious locks. But fear not, we can flip the “chlorine effect” off in our future points! Keep scrolling, warriors; victory awaits!

Pre-swim Rituals

One simply cannot deny the satisfaction of diving headfirst into a fantastic pool on a sultry summer’s day. Nothing spells ‘relief’ quite like it. But wait! What’s that? You forgot to prep your poor, unsuspecting hair against the aquatic equivalent of the bogeyman—chlorine. Oh boy, it’s time for a mini tutoring session.

Say hello to your new beach bag must-haves, pre-swim hair products. They act like a superhero barrier between your precious locks and the evil villain Chlorine. Indeed, we don’t want chlorine to perform a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde magic trick on our hair. So, serum up, champ! Hundreds of hair products vouch to turn your hair into an impenetrable fortress against chlorine, but finding ‘the one’ is like dating in your 30s – It takes courage, dedication, and at least three glasses of wine.

While swim-proof serums and you are playing Tinder, here’s another neat trick up our sleeve – the second cousin of the ‘Wet T-shirt technique,’ let’s say hello to ‘Pre-soaking.

Yes, it sounds exactly like what it is. Dunk those locks in freshwater before entering the pool, and watch your hair absorb that instead of pool water, reducing the amount of chemical horror it needs to endure. Clever now, isn’t it? Your hair would be saying – “Chlorine? Sorry, there is no room here! We’re all booked up.”

But hey! Do not let these ‘PSR – Pre Swim Rituals’ names fool you into thinking they are tedious or luxurious to follow. All you need is to be a little extra conscious, which differentiates between a good pool day and a day spent untangling green, brittle hair. Now, you wouldn’t want to be Medusa’s long-lost relative, would you? And just like that, you have turned your hair from a damsel-in-distress to a kickass superhero who laughs in the face of chlorine damage. Get them, tiger!

Maintaining Your Mane Post-Swim

Well, well, well. Here we are, all fresh and revitalized after our luxurious swim in the pristine, crystal-clear waters… with a side order of chlorine. Now, let’s chat about how we can save our precious mane from the havoc that has been wreaked upon it.

First things first – shampoo. You probably thought that all shampoos were created equal, right? Please hold your gasps – there’s a plot twist. So, do you reach for your regular, run-of-the-mill, hail-fellow-well-met shampoo? NO! Darling, your mane deserves better. It’s time for a Shampoo Showdown, Clarifying vs. Regular. The winner, hands down, is the mighty Clarifying Shampoo. You see, this little gem has the superpower to rid your hair of the remnants of chlorine. It struts in, kicks chlorine to the curb, and whisks away impurities like the knight in shining armor it is.

Now, let’s talk about the serious business: conditioning.

If you think you can skip deep conditioning after all that chlorine exposure, think again, sweetheart. Let’s channel our inner shampoo commercial model and embrace the smooth, silky tresses we all know we deserve. Deep conditioning is CRUCIAL, and I mean capital C-R-U-C-I-A-L. It’s like a magical elixir that heals, rejuvenates, and repairs your damaged locks from all those nasty chemicals.

chlorine damage to hair

Imagine this – you’re a weary traveler, lost in an arid desert. Deep conditioning is like your oasis: you dive into it, and your hair absorbs the heavenly moisture, instantly transforming into luscious, healthy locks.

So, here’s the deal: after bidding farewell to the pool, you MUST engage in a mesmerizing dance, lathering with clarifying shampoo, followed by a healing deep conditioning mask. Trust me, your hair will thank you, your self-esteem will thank you, your hairstylist will thank you, and heck, even your neighbor’s dog will thank you.

The key to maintaining your luscious mane post-swim lies in the perfect concoction of clarifying goodness and deep conditioning love. Do that, and you’ll sail through summer with hair even Rapunzel would envy.

DIY Hair Rescue Masks

We’ve talked about pre- and post-swimming hair care, destined swimmers and sunbathers, but now it’s time to delve into the alchemy of DIY hair masks. These aren’t your grandma’s “mayo-and-olive-oil” treatments—though, to be fair, Granny might’ve been onto something.

Kitchen Confidential: your pantry is brimming with hair-rescue ingredients, and it’s time to mix up a concoction that could give your local salon a run for its money. For instance, who knew beer could do more than make you feel witty at a party? It’s also a fantastic option for restoring shine to your locks—if you can resist drinking your hair product, that is. And let’s not forget the humble banana, which doesn’t just fit perfectly into lunch boxes and moonlights as a hair superhero, taming frizz with its natural oils and potassium.

Now, please put on your lab coats because we’re whipping up five mask recipes that are so good you’ll have to stop your friends from eating them.

First, there’s the Avocado Charmer—blend that green fruit with a spoonful of honey for a moisturizing miracle. Then we have the Coconut Dream; think piña colada for your hair, minus the hangover. Mix coconut oil with a dash of lemon juice, apply, and let the dream hydration team do its magic.

Want to fight off hair damage from that merciless pool water? Introduce your strands to the Eggcellence mask—eggs, olive oil, and a drop of vinegar will revive even the most chlorine-weary hair. For those seeking volume, the Berry Blast, a blend of strawberries and mayonnaise (no judgments here), will plump up your hair like it’s going for an A-list red carpet event. Lastly, the Caffeine Kick—ground coffee and yogurt—to stimulate your scalp and wake up each follicle like it’s Monday morning.

Remember, while these masks do wonders, it’s best not to get too carried away. The goal is not to turn your bathroom into a late-night cooking show gone wrong. Keep it simple: Stir it up, slap it on, and let the hairspray-and-chlorine-free magic happen. Next up, shield your mane with swim caps because, frankly, after pampering your hair like this, you’ll want to protect it like it’s the crown jewel!

The Swim Cap Chronicles

Oh, the life-saving accessory we never thought we’d discuss – the swim cap! Dive into the intriguing world of swim caps (literally) and unravel their mysteries.

Browsing the swim cap market can feel like a rollercoaster ride full of sound, awful, and uncomfortable choices. But fear not, fashionable swimmers – silicone caps are here to save the day! Sleek, snug, and less likely to tug your hair, these babies are our pick for protecting your precious locks. Latex caps, on the other hand, might as well be renamed “the Hair Torturer 3000” – cheaper and thinner, but notorious for stripping hair of moisture, breaking strands, and…Ouch!

Now, let’s dive into swim cap-etiquette, or as we like to call it, “cap-etiquette.” Firstly, consider your cap your hair’s shield, not a fashion statement (though feel free to rock the vibrant colors). Secondly, DO wear it properly: with your hands inside, push out the air bubbles, and tuck your hair like a pro (or Google it, at least). Don’t yank it off mindlessly, turning your precious cap into a slingshot. Finally, let’s shatter a myth – no cap is 100% waterproof. However, with proper care and the use of our tips, your locks should waltz through summer mostly unscathed. Happy swimming, cap crusaders!

Salon SOS: Getting Professional Help

Okay, you’ve tried all the DIY hair masks, channeled your inner chemist, and scoured your pantry to save your locks from chlorine damage. But sometimes, your hair laughs in the face of your efforts and screams, “Professional help, please!” That’s when our good ol’ hairdresser comes to the rescue.

With salon treatments like deep conditioning, bond-building, and color correction, these hair knights slay the damaged dragons (erm, chlorine). But before swooping in, ask your hair savior which treatment best suits your mane. And with that, let your tresses enjoy their happily-ever-after moment!


Alright, swimmers and sun-soakers, you should be armed with the ultimate hair care battle plan to combat chlorine’s dastard villainy on your precious locks this summer. Think of yourself as the commander of the hair care army. Before you dive into the treacherous waters, execute pre-swim rituals like a pro—slather on those protective hair products and drench your mane to trick that pesky chlorine. It won’t know what hit it!

Post-swim, become the shampoo whisperer, and pick a clarifying champ that’ll banish chlorine like a bad ex. Never underestimate the power of deep conditioning; it’s the hair care equivalent of a superhero cape. I salute you if you’ve dabbled in some DIY wizardry with those kitchen concoctions for your tresses.

Don your Swim Cap like it’s the crown it is, because let’s face it – nobody wants ‘swimmer’s hair’. And if all else fails, march to your salon for reinforcements. Stick to this hair care blueprint, and your summer is all set to lock in the fun and lock out the damage. Keep those strands safe and slay the summer, hair heroes!


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