AirTouch for Natural-Looking Highlights

When you think your hair has seen it all, they find a new best friend, AirTouch for Natural-Looking Highlights. It’s like meeting that fun, adventurous friend everyone secretly wishes for. Before you go all, “I’ve heard every fancy hair trend under the sun, thank you very much,” make a little room for the real MVP.

For years, we’ve been accepting less than perfect regarding our treasured hair highlights. Why, you ask? Either we settled for mediocrity, or we were just blissfully ignoramus about the magic wand that AirTouch is. Perks of living under a rock, one may say, but let’s not judge.

Undeniably, AirTouch is the Hogwarts of the hair world, transforming muggle manes into enchantingly spellbinding looks every single time. Be warned, this might be the only kind of magic legal in the muggle world; save it and use it wisely. Let’s embark upon this magical journey of zero brassiness and natural-looking highlights together, shall we? No sorting hats just wands, promise!


The AirTouch Technique: A Love Story

Ah, AirTouch Highlights! Dressing up your hair with the swag of sun-kissed brilliance isn’t anything new, but when it comes to AirTouch? Now that’s a whole new ball game. Think of it as the Romeo and Juliet of the hairstyling world. Well, except for the dismal ending, of course.

Picture this: back in the day, in the bustling streets of Moscow, a clever fox (read hairstylist) named Vladimir Sarbashev was probably sipping on vodka when he tossed out the traditional hair coloring rules. Et Voilà! The AirTouch technique was born.

AirTouch for Natural-Looking Highlights

And when did the world get a taste of this alluring technique? Boy, did it rekindle the lost romance between the hairbrush and hairdryer! The AirTouch was like The Beatles for the world of hair. People put on their dancing shoes, and no one stepped on anyone’s toes because they were all headed to the same dance floor – the AirTouch dance floor, a frenzy of colors, where hair danced to the rhythm of natural-looking highlights.

However, despite sweeping the global hair stage off its feet, AirTouch has a humble backstory. Big things come from unexpectedly chill places (looking at you, Moscow)! So why not sit back, chill out, and let’s dive deeper into this Hair-highway to Heaven?

AirTouch Vs. Traditional Highlights: Head-to-Head Battle

We’ve been bonding over AirTouch highlights; I don’t regret oversharing. Now, let’s shift our attention to a slightly battle-gritty scenario. Yep, you heard me! AirTouch and Traditional Highlights are about to enter the coliseum, and we’re here to watch it live!

Picture this. Your old highlights, standing there – decent, gorgeous, but one-dimensional. It’s like staying in a comfortable relationship where you know what to expect. Like that high school sweetheart who never quite lived up to your wild, adventurous dreams. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not their fault. It’s simply what they were designed to be: the safe choice.

That being said, let me introduce you to the Thor of the hair world – AirTouch. It’s like dating a surfer! It’s dimensional, wild, yet somehow wholly controlled. Like that surfer, AirTouch shook our hair dreams with its beach-worthy goodness. You can almost feel the sand beneath your toes and waves crashing on the shore. Okay, maybe I am carried away, but hey, can you blame me?

With Traditional Highlights, you get what you paid for—a monochromatic dimension. With AirTouch, it’s like investing in an all-inclusive beach resort trip. One stroke of the comb, and BAM! You’ve got a cocktail of shades, camouflaging all those pesky greys, waking up your hair like it’s Saturday morning!

So, on our “hair-battle” scoreboard, dare I say, AirTouch seems to be nudging ahead. Not to poop on Traditional Highlights’ parade, but let’s face it, when you can choose between a flip-phone or a smartphone, the choice is pretty straightforward, huh?

Now that our little battle session is over let’s prepare you for the ultimate AirTouch journey, DIY style! Oh, and remember: Be more smartphone, less flip-phone. That’s all we’re saying!

DIY AirTouch: The Ultimate AirTouch Starter Pack

The DIY AirTouch Starter Pack is an essential toolkit for all hair enthusiasts looking to venture on your AirTouch odyssey! Gloriously bathing in multi-tonal, sun-kissed highlights is no longer exclusive to the salon-dwelling royalty. Strap in, for we are about to reveal the secrets of the ancient art of AirTouch – all from the comfort of your humble abode!

First and foremost, let’s talk tools. You’ll need a hairdryer (duh!) with an excellent directional nozzle, sectioning clips, a tail comb, a tint brush, and foil. As for the potions, our mantra is: “Invest thy dollar to save thy highlight!” Ensure you have premium bleach, developer, and toner; you wouldn’t want your locks looking like a DIY gone wrong, would you?

We are all familiar with the ever-persistent legal-eagle-type warnings, but seriously, there are a few non-negotiables before you go on your hair painting spree. First, if your hair is more damaged than your high school dating history, seek professional help instead. Second, perform a strand test on a hidden section of hair to avoid last-minute catastrophes. It’s better to resemble a strategic patchwork creation than an accidental Pollock.

Lastly, ensure your workplace is well-lit, well-ventilated, and free of distractions. (No, you shouldn’t attempt AirTouch while watching the latest episode of your favorite show.) You’ll need to channel your inner hair-wizard focus to ensure you don’t regret this lovely adventure with the magic wand of the hair world.

So, my dear aspiring AirTouch maestros, unhook your hairdryers and prepare to immerse yourselves in the wondrous world of DIY AirTouch highlights! With these steadfast tools and tips, you will surely rise through the ranks to become the Michelangelo of hair coloring. We can’t wait to see your glorious masterpieces!

Step-By-Step Guide: The AirTouch Adventure

Alright, my dear aspiring hair magicians, let’s dive into the spellbinding world of AirTouch highlights, where we do away with chunky, uninspired streaks and instead welcome the sun-kissed love affair your locks have been pining for. Armed with a brush, a blow dryer, and the finesse of a hair whisperer, you too can emulate the effortless glam of a Hollywood icon—right from the cozy confines of your home-sweet-salon-studio.

Climb aboard the AirTouch Express, and let’s chug through the misty valleys of ‘how-to-land’ where dreams of buttery fade and celestial dimensions come true. Forgo the old-school belief that professionalism is confined to the swivel chairs of high-end salons. Here’s the deal: you’re about to become the DIY maestro of modern hair sorcery.

AirTouch for Natural-Looking Highlights

First, section your hair as if you’re about to divulge its deepest secrets. Spoiler alert: Each strand, indeed, has a story to tell. The blow dryer is your wand—now wave it to part the wheat from the chaff, isolating those fine, loyal strands willing to take the color plunge. Now, with the skill of a ninja, wield your brush to gently tease your remaining tresses away, like you’re avoiding spoilers of the latest binge-worthy TV show.

Paint freely, young grasshopper, but not in the oops-I-spilled-paint-all-over-my-canvas way.

Think more, ‘Michelangelo descending from the heavens to grace your hair.’ And those colors? Choose them like a sommelier pairs wine with cheese—meticulously and with pleasure. Aim for shades that promise to dance together in the light, offering glimpses into multiverses with every flip and flick.

Weaving the magic of top-tier techniques, such as the ‘Feather Touch’ for soft transitions and the ‘Shimmer Splash’ for that twinkling tease, your head becomes a canvas of coastal sunsets and champagne toasts. Yes, you might not have paparazzi hiding in your bushes (if you do, other issues need addressing), but you’ll undoubtedly feel like the celebrity you are, strutting through your humble abode like it’s the red carpet.

Remember, too much of a good thing can still be an ‘oops’ in the hair world—moderation is essential in this graceful ballet of hues and tones. Like a true artist, step back, marvel at your creation, and maybe let out a humblebrag or two. Remember, this isn’t rocket science, but it might make you feel like a hair astronaut exploring the Galax-hair-y of beauty.

So keep your head and your standards high as you charm the world with your newly-acquired A-list mane. There is no need for an epilogue here—your hair will tell the rest of the story.

The After-Paint: How to Style & Maintain Your AirTouch Highlights

Basking in accomplishing your DIY (or salon-done, who am I to judge) AirTouch highlights? You bet! I bet you’re wondering, “How do I keep this masterpiece pristine and alive?” Allow me, your friendly neighborhood hair Sherpa, to guide you through post-AirTouch care’s winding, treacherous paths.

Now, let’s spill the secrets of breathtaking post-finish looks – Step 1: If your look was worth a million bucks before, prepare to escalate that to a billion. It’s all in the style, darling! Smooth curls or beachy waves go big or fabulous at home. And remember the golden rule of hair styling: there’s NEVER too much volume. Cue a dramatic wind machine.

Maintaining this splendid mane is no rocket science—even if it looks out-of-this-world amazing; it just needs some love and care. Brush gently to avoid any unnecessary frizz, and lastly, top up your hair game with some touch-up sprays and oils to keep it freshly minted.

And just like that, you’ve officially graduated from the University of AirTouch Maintenance, bravo! Now flip that hair, and let the world stop and stare. And remember, when someone asks – you woke up like this—just a general bedhead…with an AirTouch twist.


Ah, the moment of truth! You’ve mastered AirTouch’s royal art and are just moments away from strutting your stuff with your luscious locks. But wait! Although you’re ready to unleash your inner hair goddess, we must leave you with a few juicy bonus hacks to ensure your crown stays intact as you conquer the world.

Remember, hair is 90% of your selfie, and a sassy selfie needs hair that slays as fast and efficiently as possible. So don’t hesitate to wave your magic AirTouch wand on those locks. Go forth; reign supreme with your natural-looking highlights, and thank us later (wink, wink)!



  • AirTouch for Natural-Looking Highlights

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